Your safe office on your way, wherever you are!

Welcome to the new era of micro-working.
Workspace in self-service


1 Gel dispenser

 Disinfection swab



+230 460 00 00

Meet by work

NOMAD, geo-localized workspaces, accessible from your smartphone.

Your first meeting ends and you don't know where to work until the next one in 2 hours.

You are away from your workplace and need a place to work on some important files without having to go all the way back.

You are in the North and have an appointment in the South. Your meeting space is ready for your convenience.

Work between 2 meetings

On your way

For a meeting


How it works

Download the Nomad Application

Reserve a pod for your meeting

Scan the QR Code to open the door

Work in complete privacy

Close the door and continue your journey


Soon on your way!

+230 460 00 00

The Hive - Industrial Zone, Old Post Office, St Pierre, Moka, Mauritius

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